About Us

Based in Mumbai, India, Oceanus274 – Catering & Victualling Management is established  with the aim of providing the best Catering & allied services, particularly to Support Vessels, Onshore Rigs  & Offshore Industry.Chef cropped

Oceanus247 Catering and Victualling Management service is managed by professionals who had been in marine catering industry for many years, professional who has worked with Ship Management companies, professionals who gained experience  working with Ship Chandlers, Chefs who have worked with 5 star hotels and Cruise liners  and even IT professionals.

With a team of professionals from  various industries, Oceanus247  commits to provide best service by catering to all special requirements of our customers.

With a strong network of suppliers globally, we can assure best price , quality products and  best service.

What we offer:

  • 24/7 Victualing Management Service.
  • We provide Training to catering Staff on Housekeeping/ Service & culinary.
  • Catering audits on board.
  • Improved hygiene standards.
  • Balanced / Nutritious Food  with variety in menu on board.
  • Quality product through our periodically audited  suppliers.
  • Least paper work for Master or senior Officers.
  • Well Trained and Qualified Catering Crew.
  • Worldwide network of Ship Suppliers.
  • Single point contact for all services – Catering/Technical / Repairs/ Crewing.